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This week we’ve been focusing on “Hearing God’s Voice”. If you never learn anything else in MAP please take note of how important it is for this. Often times we feel we must do 1000 things in order to hear, get in His presence, pray and so much more. In reality God wants to be in your presence just as much as you need Him. He wants you to have that 1 on 1 time not just to make you feel good but it makes Him feel good that you are present.

Anytime we force our way in or feel bad when we don’t get that one on one time it’s now become religious. It’s all about relationship!

I would like to get real vulnerable on this session here. And it may be a bit uncomfortable for some but I hope you can really open up here. Or you can inbox me on here your response. I’ll share mine on video tonight!

Question: How’s your relationship with your physical father or mother? And how has it effected your relationship with your spiritual father, God?

Malanda Coleman


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