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Video by Angela, New York

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“Under Fire” Author by Alana D. Brooks

Easy to read but full of power!!! Get your copy today." - Argentina, Georgia

"This Book is awesome!!! Under Fire by Alana Denise Brooks"

- Harriette, Dallas TX

"I want to say something about the book titled Under Fire by Alana Denise Brooks. I bought one and read it in two days. I recommend it to anyone who want to grow in your walk with God weather you are young or old. Walk in humility and let an humble spirit rule and put pride or rather let Deliverance cast pride out of your heart. Pride will rear it's ugly self even though you might think you do not have a proudful spirit. Have respect for who you are under as long as he or she is following and living according to Gospel of Jesus Christ. The anointing flows from the head down I sacrificed and bought two as gifts for two people that the Holy Ghost direct me to. It's certainly Worth more than $15.00. Purchase this book or more than one to share. She is an anointed WOG. Love you Prophetess/ Evangelist/ Pastor/ Teacher/Apostle or whatever 5 fold ministry you are operating in. God sees your labor and He rewards faithfulness."

-Betty, Mabank TX

"When the student is ready, the teacher appears"

Thank you Alana Denise Brooks

I knew God had an appointed time for me to read my book. Today was the day. I'm grateful. Now, I'm waiting for The Power of Deliverance!

This was really beautiful and extremely informative. God continue to bless and rest upon you! You are an inspiration and a blessing to the Kingdom of God! I love you!"

- LaTonya, Fairfield, TX

"I got my book the other day & finally got a chance to read it. I need & want MORE!!!!!!!! It was a great, informative, powerful read! Again...I WANT MORE!!!! I've been in the presence of Apostle IJ & have known you all of your life & was also raised by the same grandparents as you but to see things from your prospective...I felt as if I was there with you every step of the way when you experienced everything you talked about. From my own personal experience, I've been to a number of services where Apostle IJ was ministering & fighting. To be in that atmosphere is always powerful. Even when i didn't want to feel anything, I would still catch chills & feel this unforgettable feeling of power come all over me. He's called me out a few times & also told me things that I never told anyone. My experiences with that doesn't even come close to what you've experienced. But again, to read what you wrote...& I hate to reuse this word but...POWERFUL! I want to know more about your experiences. I truly feel that sometimes it takes a person to take us on a journey through their eyes to explain what they have endured in order for others to gain a better understanding of not only the person but what they have gone through in their life, how they overcame & how they continue to preserver. I LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much for sharing. I look forward to the next book. Awesome job!"

- Nia, Fairfield, TX

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